Flu season and seasonal transitions


Notice that around the seasonal transitions (fall to winter, winter to spring, spring to summer) is the time when people tend to get the flu? Why is that? Western medicine recognizes that different bacteria and viruses cause the flu, including symptoms such as fever, nausea, vomiting, head congestion/headaches, diarrhea, chest congestion and cough. Eastern medicine recognizes these flu symptoms just calls it something different, wind invasions and the Lung qi is associated with our immunity. Our neck is one area where we are vulnerable to becoming invaded by wind. As the weather changes, becoming more cold and dry our bodies are adjusting and attempting to transition with the season. Your body is working to balance our internal environment with the external environment. So how can you keep yourself and family healthy?

* When you go outside, dress appropriately, keep your neck covered, wear a hat

* Get plenty of rest and sleep

* Don’t over do it and exhaust yourself

* Eat well balanced meals with plenty of nutrition

* Like Grandma said don’t go outside with a wet head


Acupuncture is also wonderful at helping the body adjust during seasonal changes.

Happy harvest season!🍁🍂

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